Sunday, 1 June 2008

Countries I have visited

As you can see, there is a lot of the world I have not yet seen.

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BNI One-To-One

Why do we do one-to-ones? We do them because it builds relationships between the members. Remember, Visibility + Credibility = Success. Well-conducted one-to-ones help build credibility.

Why do we track one-to-ones? Firstly to encourage members to do more networking. Secondly, so we can spot members that may not be networking. Thirdly, as a reminder to make sure that their are not people we have missed.

What counts as a one-to-one? This is up to the members to decide, but if it is a social occasion or Organised BNI event our chapter tracks these separately. We count up to two one-to-ones with the same person, so you can have a meeting at each others location, for a six month period, and award a prize to the person completing the most one-to-ones.